Photos: Glasgow By An Amateur Photographer

Photos: Glasgow By An Amateur Photographer

I’m pretty keen on this whole photography thing. I guess to anyone who knows me, or has read any of my writing, that the preceding statement is kind of redundant.

My comfort zone for photography is almost exclusively live music. It’s what I bought a camera to do, and it’s what I’m lucky enough to spend a lot of my time doing. But that does mean that my overall understanding of a camera and how to take a photograph is woefully lacking. As a lot of my work to date shows all to clearly.

When out photographing for The Wee G, and forced to try something new,I often shot at the wrong settings, in the wrong time or at the wrong place thanks to constantly forgetting that the West End of Glasgow is not in fact the same as King Tut’s when it comes to lighting etc. As a result none of these photographs really do their subject justice.

That said, I still think some of them are pretty sweet.

It’s excellent to be reminded how little I know. Because it does push me to get better. To that end I intend to spend some time next week deliberately exploring Glasgow to try to get some new photographs and then compare to them to the ones below.

We’ll see how that goes.

Click images for full screen slide show 


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