Record Review: Sectioned / Shudder Split EP

Record Review: Sectioned / Shudder Split EP

photograph of Sectioned by Calum McMillan 

Sectioned are on Facebook at /sectionedband and Shudder stay right next door at /shudderscotland

This split makes me want to cave my head in. But only because when I’m listening to it there’s nobody else nearby who can volunteer their skull before I destroy my own in a chaotic testosterone fuelled, and euphoric,frenzy. This could potentially be the most abrasive and violent 12 minutes you spend all year.

Sectioned are a really noisy technically influenced metal/hardcore band from Edinburgh, and Shudder are much the same, although they make their particular racket with three less people than Sectioned. I only mention this because journalistic convention dictates that any time a band has less than four members it should be mentioned. Kind of like when bands of the heavier persuasion feature members of the fairer sex, except that this is probably slightly less titillating.

Sectioned / Shudder Split EP // Self-release 2014
Sectioned / Shudder Split EP // Self-release 2014

You could compare both these bands to the likes of The Chariot, but this EP is much less scuzzy and punk rock and altogether more menacing. If these tracks met you down an alley they’d push their nose to yours, stare you straight in the face for 30 seconds before head butting you with a visceral and maniacal glee. These bands sound a lot more terrifying and less schizophrenic than the likes of The Chariot, though their focus shouldn’t be confused with the thought out melodic restrictions of bands like Norma Jean, who share obviously similar roots.

Splits aren’t often terribly cohesive releases. Bands that sound a bit similar, but are obviously different, thrown together for no obvious reason other than being mates. Sectioned and Shudder do make sense together though; two sides of the same coin. Albeit one side burned while the other is bruised. And I still can’t really figure out which side is which.

It’s beautiful. Kinda like war.

Actually of course it’s nothing like war. It would be pretty distasteful to compare music made for enjoyment, even if those who enjoy this kind of thing are relatively low in number, to the absolute human suffering of war. What this does sound like though is a moment of mental snap restrained by a cool sense of calculation. Which is kind of beautiful. In its own way.

This split isn’t easy listening, but it’s absolutely fascinating listening. If you find things that are a little bit unnerving fascinating.

If you like stuff that’s rubbish though, then the chances are that you won’t like this.


Sectioned / Shudder split will be available soon digitally and physically from the band’s Bandcamp site

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