Record Review: EnterTheLexicon ‘EnterTheLexicon’ EP

Record Review: EnterTheLexicon ‘EnterTheLexicon’ EP

photograph from EnterTheLexicon Facebookpage

EnterTheLexicon hang about in a moody fashion on Facebook at /enterthelexicon. They do much the same on Twitter @enterthelexicon

Selfies have a lot to answer for. They’ve turned us all into preening aspiring models to the extent that the ‘I don’t give a fuck attitude’ is now nothing but proof about much you really do care: a lot. Convincingly snotty, sneering and accessible rock music is a thing of the past. EnterTheLexicon are an excellent reminder of that past.

EnterTheLexicon // KILL/HURT 2014
EnterTheLexicon // KILL/HURT 2014

Power trios have never been in fashion, but often than not they deliver the goods. This EP, with the exception of the pretty lacklustre ‘Full Moon’, has crammed its short run time full of excellent rock songs. There’s obvious hooks, big riffs, a bellow along vocal the occasional moment of broken introspection. It’s hard to see what these guys are missing from the rock ‘n’ roll rule book.

‘Do You Feel The Same’ is one of the strongest introductions to an EP to be released this year. It’s such an immediately listenable song, it can be difficult to sometimes allow yourself to progress to the next track. It’s catchy, driven by a colossal riff and a danceable groove. The accessible lyrics and howled melodies are straight out of Dave Grohl book of song writing. There’s few better books to have read really.

The heavier influences that bleed through on occasion stop the band from sounding like the wealth of beige Foo Fighters wannabes who assume that a dishevelled hair cut and a mid tempo are all you need to write good songs. That sense of punk rock urgency makes the band incredibly convincing. Give me a record that’s passionate over a dispassionate and calculated ground-breaker any day.

Vocalist Mykl Barton occasionally channels a Corey Taylor-esque tone with his vocals, though to their credit EnterTheLexicon still sound much more like a snotty and sweaty club band than they do studied and rehearsed arena levellers. If Stone Sour were more interested in being Nirvana than they are Alice in Chains they might sound like this.

It is a shame then that ‘Full Moon’ is such a remarkable track. It sounds terribly pedestrian in the company of the other three songs here. It might well sit comfortably on Radio 1’s day time playlist, but it’d be a shame for that track to take the place of any of the others here. The song does rob this release of some momentum, but thankfully ‘Enatiodromia’ is a closer with the necessary hulk to put things back on track. All things considered, three great songs out of four ain’t so bad.


‘EnterTheLexicon’ is due for release June 3rd.

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