Why I’m Voting for Life On Standby for Download 2014

Why I’m Voting for Life On Standby for Download 2014

I want my friend’s to win this. I know, utterly shocking right? I bet you never saw that coming. It’s so obvious it probably doesn’t need to be written down. But I am intent on writing it down. And here’s why:

I feel incredibly privileged to know so many talented and incredibly passionate artists. For whatever reasons, a shared taste in debatable haircuts perhaps,I’ve found myself closer to evolution of this band than any other. It’s been fascinating to watch.

I’ve watched these four people grow from rehearsal room shut ins with a penchant for writing parts that were ultimately far too long, to a cohesive unit who are as at home throwing out their own massive hooks on the main stages of venues like The Garage as they are at floor shows downstairs in The Classic Grand. I’ve seen them headline King Tuts for their own single launch, and open up for buzz bands like Marmozets. I’ve also seen them play to two people in Pivo Pivo. One was me and the other was the promoter. They’ve put the hours in, but it’s almost impossible to really tell just how those hours are really paying off when you’re still deep underground in the music business.

But now they’re the only Scottish band in the final 15 from several hundred bands who entered the RedBull Download competition. Literally, didn’t see that coming. At all. 

So the idea of them taking songs like ‘Shadows’, ‘Chase The Light’ and ‘You Don’t Know’, which I genuinely believe is effortlessly brilliant, to Download Festival is staggering to me. Staggeringly brilliant. The fact of that matter is that they’re terrifyingly close to making it a reality. A lot of bands are dreamers, not as many as deserve get this close to realising any of those dreams. And all you need to do to help them do that is go and click on a button. That’s not so much is it?

Popularity contests when it comes to art are disgusting. They don’t necessarily have anything to do with artistic merit. It’s just how many people you know. And how much they like you. It’s a detestable thing. But sometimes detestable things can be used tools for cool things. I’d be inclined to argue, for obvious reasons, that this would be one of those cool things.

A band who really mean it, put the hours in, are genuinely appreciative of every fan and every gig and who absolutely want to make music for the right reasons getting a chance at something big is cool right?

I’ve dabbled with being involved with this band in various ways over the years; recording with them, photographing them, writing with them, watching them play and listening to their songs but the most rewarding aspect of that involvement has always been their friendship. Turns not all artistic types are assholes. That might just be me. So all that being said, I’d urge you to vote for my friends to play Download this year.

I think they’ve earned it. And I’ll buy you a drink.

Or do it because you don’t like me and you want them to make it so that I’m forced to give up taking photographs and writing because they’ve made it and can hire people much more talented than me and I run out of new content at my beck and call.

I’m cool with it either way.

Go vote! : http://download.redbullstudios.com/band-2014/life-on-standby_top-15/