Photos: Act Natural @ Pivo Pivo, Glasgow

Photos: Act Natural @ Pivo Pivo, Glasgow

Act Natural display fashionable haircuts on Facebook at /Act-Natural

It’s been a while since a band who’re a total unknown surprised me at a gig. Maybe that’s because I’m getting old and don’t get to go to as many gigs as I’d like. Maybe it’s because I’ve too much time on my hands and check out too many bands before I see them. Or I could just have a bad memory. I can’t remember which it is. But the other night, I saw a band open for a friend’s band was pleasantly surprised.

Act Natural didn’t start strong, they had a truly disastrous false start that totally convinced me they were going to be rubbish, but actually they weren’t. At all. They’re still young, the influences are still a mish-mash and the sound is still developing but there’s obvious potential there. Not least because they’ve picked themselves up a cracker of a front woman with a great voice and an ear for a hook.

Pivo isn’t the most dynamic venue to photograph in, but I think there’s still a few winners here.

Click images for full screen slide show // High quality versions on FlickrĀ 

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