Photos: Transcension @ Pivo Pivo

Photos: Transcension @ Pivo Pivo

Transcenion strike metal poses on Facebook at /Transcension

Tiny gis are excellent. Usually because its easy for them to become crowded, sweaty, intense and all sorts of other good things. Sometimes though tiny gigs are empty, but if the bands involved still give it their all tiny gigs are still excellent even if they lack the sweat. And they’re less slippy beneath your trendy shoes as well which is a plus.

Transcension seem to be coming into their own of late, the addition of Bob McBride in drums turning them into a power house of a live act. It’s excellent to see their dedication to pulling suitably metal poses, no matter how many people are in the crowd. Which is the whole point after all: play as if you’re playing to thousands. Even if you’re only playing to ten.


Click images for full screen slide show // high quality versions on FlickrĀ 

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