Record Review: Foreign Skies ‘This Human Error’ EP

Record Review: Foreign Skies ‘This Human Error’ EP

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I’ve always said that not enough post-rock bands sound like the Foo Fighters. Actually I haven’t. Why would anyone ever say that? But presented with this EP I’m forced to conclude that a post-rock dynamics embedded within a Foo Fighters-esque song-writing style is a wonderful thing.

Foreign Skies take the twinkling clean guitars and quiet to loud approach of post-rock and crush and condense it into songs that have much more in common with the likes of the Foo Fighters or Biffy Clyro circa ‘Puzzle’. That the band can condense such opposing styles of music into such accessible songs is a sign of some serious song-writing nous.

Foreign Skies 'This Human Error' EP // Self-release 2014
Foreign Skies ‘This Human Error’ EP // Self-release 2014

To their credit though, Foreign Skies aren’t ploughing the forgettable but fun field that Twin Atlantic love to frolic in. The songs on this EP are interesting and demand repeat listens. ‘Piste’ in particular is a fantastic piece of melodic and powerful writing which sounds genuinely huge. At times it brings to mind the bombast of bands like Arcane Roots, but with the tasteful sense of restraint that band lacks.

Which isn’t to say that Foreign Skies are a sedate band, there’s some seriously muscular drum work on display here and suitably huge riffs accompany that. The end of ‘These Hills’ even threatens to break into something resembling an angst-ridden post-hardcore track. These moments are only enhanced by the delicate nature of the band’s quieter moments, which have a pleasingly intimate quality.

Producers often don’t enough credit on the work of bands at this level, but it’s safe to say that if these songs weren’t recorded under the keen ears of Paul McInally at Glasgow’s ever excellent 45 A Side Recordings then they wouldn’t sound nearly as massive as they do. The EP doesn’t sound digital and dead, it sounds warm and exciting. It’s a production that perfectly compliments the band’s quiet to loud dynamics. When you’re listening to this record it’s all too easy to see imagine these songs on big stages behind blinding lights and swathes of dry ice.

If post-rock takes too long to get you going then Foreign Skies are the band for you. If the majority of modern alternative rock isn’t interesting enough for you the Foreign Skies are the band for you.

If you like good bands then Foreign Skies are the band for you.


‘This Human Error’ is available now from the band’s Bandcamp page and via iTunes.

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