Record Review: Marmozets ‘Captivate You’ Single

Record Review: Marmozets ‘Captivate You’ Single

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I’ve been raving about Marmozets for a while now, ever since I first discovered them through an edition of Future Hits on the ever wonderful ThrashHits (definitely the best heavy music blog on-line. Get into it.) They’re still to deliver that knock out debut album, though it is set to drop later this year, and ‘Captivate You’ is an intriguing insight into what we could expect from the band beyond even that first record.

Marmozets 'Captivate You' // Roadrunner Records 2014
Marmozets ‘Captivate You’ // Roadrunner Records 2014

The band’s evolution from mathcore influenced pop rock has seen them spin almost full circle from a noisy band with some melodic bits to a much more melodic band with some noisy bits. For the long term I’m inclined to think this a better move for the band, both in terms of commercial viability and creativity. Even Dillinger understand that melodies are what really differentiates songs, not how chaotic they are. ‘Move, Shake Hide’ and the almost unbearably infectious ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ seemed like considered steps in the right direction, but ‘Captivate You’ is the band’s most distinctive release so far.

Or at least, in terms of their own material its distinctive. This song doesn’t indulge the band’s heavier influences at all. There’s no yelling, no squealing guitars and no thunderous breaks. There’s an up tempo driving feel to the song which is tastefully offset by a plaintive melodic vocal and delayed guitar lines. It’s a song that won’t sound out of place on daytime Radio 1. It doesn’t lack energy, but in comparison to previous Marmozets releases its positively sedate. Where the rest of the band’s tracks tend to sound like they’re dancing, albeit joyously, on the edge of a cliff ‘Captivate You’ feels considered and deliberate.

To be honest, I didn’t find the song terribly convincing until I caught it live at Download festival this weekend. Sitting mid set amongst the band’s more aggressive songs it provided a welcome break, only serving to highlight the heavier aspects of the music that surrounded it. The male/female vocal interplay certainly makes a nice change from the depressingly nice layers of the same voice that dominate most mainstream rock songs. There’s always been something reassuringly honest about the vocals in Marmozets and this track rams that home, although its in a different way than their earlier singles.

To call ‘Captivate You’ a weaker song than ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ might be unfair. They’re clearly songs from two different worlds, but it’s hard not to feel that this isn’t a single as immediate or as obvious as that track. On the other hand, it does show that Marmozets aren’t likely to turn into a one trick pony who deliver accessible heavy music with the odd obtuse heavier moment thrown in for good measure. It suggest this is band genuinely interested in writing music together, regardless as to how that music actually sounds. That can be a strength for some bands, for others (I’m looking at you here Stone Sour et al.) it’s a definite weakness. This song may well turn out to be more of a personal creative victory than a crowd bothering victory.

Regardless as to how it turns out for Marmozets, its a brave move for a young band whose reputation is based on something else altogether. It should be applauded for that. We need more young bands like this.


‘Captivate You’ is available now via Roadrunner Records.

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