Photos: Life On Standby @ Bar Bloc, Glasgow

Photos: Life On Standby @ Bar Bloc, Glasgow

I photograph this band more than I do any other really. Still not sick of it. Part of that might just be because they’re a great laugh and I get a free lift home, but there’s a reasonable chance some of it is because I really like the tunes. Pretty close call.

It’s great to have been privileged to a really intimate view of this band as they evolve, and finally really start to develop their sound into something that feels cohesive, dynamic and thoroughly compelling when it’s really on point.

It’s a bit strange seeing the band play the sparse, but always wonderful, Bloc after seeing them play a stage at Download Festival with a full light show the other weekend, but its no less endearing than that performance. That’s surely a sign of something good when a bar gig and a festival gig don’t feel like two different worlds right?

For this gig I shot (as always) on my Canon 650D, primarly using the 50mm prime lens but I also switched that out for my 18-200mm for the wider shots. Bloc being small and really dark and not under flash restrictions I was able to use my flash as well which sometimes is cool, and sometimes isn’t. Give me a fancy light show any day.

 Click for full screen slide show // full high quality gallery on Flickr


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