Review: Transcension “Metallurgy”

Review: Transcension “Metallurgy”

Recomended tracks: “Phoenix Effect”, “Everything Everywhere Burns” & “Over and Out”

It’s amazing how tired some music can sound. So many bands, particularly metal bands, sound lazy and uninspired. Equally it’s amazing how music can be energised when time and genuine dedication is put into it. If “Metallurgy” has anything going for it is certainly time and dedication.

Transcension "Metallurgy" // Self-release 2014
Transcension “Metallurgy” // Self-release 2014

This album is long. It’s over an hour and has a track listing that’s still in single figures. There’s no denying that Transcension have a whole lot of musical ideas that they’re keen to get across, and they do this pretty well for a home recorded and self-produced debut. This album is very much a dedication to the Metal cause. Everything you associate with metal is here:  catchy melodic leads,  neck snapping break downs, some truly incendiary guitar solos, a multitude of riffs, occasionally questionable lyrics and a powerful vocal that consists of singing and screaming. If you cut this album in half it would surely have metal emblazoned across its insides. If modern metal is your bag, but the likes of Bury Tomorrow et al. don’t quite have the metallic credentials you demand, Transcension are the band you’re after.

It does feels as if the band lose their sense of momentum a bit though. For every excellent groove on here, and there are a lot,  there’s a transitional segment that sticks around too long. Its more often a case of over egging good ideas than a use of bad ideas, but it does mean you can get lost in the longer tracks on occasion. “Architects of Aggression”  for example contains some punishing grooves and a truly beautiful and intricate melodic moment towards the end but it does take almost 2 of its 9 and a half minutes to break into gear.

The band’s biggest strength however is certainly their musical prowess. These songs are tight and the playing is always impressive. Vocally the more melodic elements are more satisfying than the aggressive sections, largely because the music veers towards the more melodic side of metal than it does towards obtuse and pummelling aggression. Which isn’t to say Transcension aren’t capable of delivering more muscular moments, there are plenty on offer here but they work better for being played against those melodic aspects.

“Metallurgy” is a strong debut, albeit one that clearly wears all its influences on its sleeve. If it suffers from anything at all it’s an over abundance of ideas. The potential here is obvious though. The band maybe just need to spend a bit more time down the metaphorical gym to shed a bit of the fat around their compositions to grab the attention of more people.


 “Metallurgy” is available from the band physically from October 9th. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter for more metal poses.

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