Review: Navene K “Mind” EP

Review: Navene K “Mind” EP

Recommended tracks: “Flesh & Metal” & “Microcosm -Special edition”

Former Animals As Leaders drummer Navene Koperweis combines electronica, djent and progressive instrumentation on his solo EP “Mind” and it’s a lot more fun than that sentence sounds.

Navene K "Mind" // Self-release 2014
Navene K “Mind” // Self-release 2014

The most obvious comparison for Navene K as an artist might be The Algorithm. But this comparison only goes so far. Where The Algorithm is focused on high-octane compositions that seem designed to continuously throw the listener off-balance, the music of Koperweis seems to be more about striving for an organic blend of synthetic and acoustic instrumentation. It’s an approach that’s less laugh-out-loud ridiculous than The Algorithm, but no less fun.

Opener “Story The Earth Tells” sounds like an early Aphex Twin track with live percussion elements and an updated production while the second track here feels much more contemporary and aggressive, combining stuttering distorted bass, intricate drums and subtle guitar leads. Though occasionally some of the chipper synths like those in the title track sound a little bit cheesy, there’s a lot of really pleasing music on this short release. With the exception of the Pendulum-esque vocal sample in “Microcosm -Special Edition”. That isn’t pleasing. At all.

There is a sense of uniformity on the EP as well, which makes the music easily identifiable as Navene K, but also raises the question as to whether anything longer than EP might run the risk of becoming formulaic. The brevity of this EP,clocking in at just over 20 mins, certainly works in its favour. Though this record is catchy, it’s not exactly bursting with hooks, so it may be one for converted fans of experimental and progressive music instead of music for fans of getting their groove on the dance floor, or whatever it is that the kids do these days.

Nonetheless, “Mind” is an exciting combination of electronic and live percussive sounds that proves to be an incredibly satisfying way to spend 20 mins.


“Mind” is available now digitally from the Navene K bandcamp. You can also find Navene K on Facebook and on tour supporting TesseracT and Animals as Leaders in Europe and the UK just now.

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