Review: Revocation “Deathless”

Review: Revocation “Deathless”

Revocation may be the best modern metal band. At least in terms of music that is unashamedly metal and has no ambitions to cross genre boundaries or to try and bolt on unsuitable add ons. Revocation know their strengths and those are: riffs, instrumental prowess, riffs, extremity, dynamics and more riffs. “Deathless” is bulging with great modern metal tracks.

Revocation "Deathless" // Metal Blade Records 2014
Revocation “Deathless” // Metal Blade Records 2014

Revocation have clearly spent their time in the rehearsal room for this album . The performances are terrifyingly tight and the instrumental acrobatics are astonishing. Though the band’s ability with their instruments almost goes without mentioning, Dave Davidson deserves some serious credit for delivering his most varied and accomplished vocal performance to date. The caustic screams that dominate this record ensure that each track is dripping with palpable aggression.

“Deathless” is probably the catchiest Revocation release to date. “Madness Opus” for example is based around a contrast of monolithic groove in its slower moments and a sense of pace that seems almost unhinged when it picks up. Where other metal bands recycle tired and unimaginative riffs, Davidson and Dan Gargiul seemingly never tire of producing spiralling and groove laden riffs again and again and again. “The power of the riff compels” you is a clichéd marketing phrase used by so many bands who don’t deserve it. This band do. “Scorched Earth Policy” alone is proof of that.

This record is also the darkest Revocation have put their name to so far. The almost “party thrash” atmosphere that was present on past recordings has been replaced with something more sinister. Though the band thankfully still avoid to po-faced posturing that does so many extreme metal bands so little favours. The band have a seemingly unique ability to take elements of thrash, death metal, progressive music and even black metal on occasion (see “The Blackest Reaches”) and blend it together in a way that is never anything less than exhilarating.

It would be amazing if another metal band released a record this year that so succinctly, and excellent, sums up all the best things about this strand of heavy music. You could probably put a safe bet on the fact that no other band will match this release.


“Deathless” is released via Metal Blade October 14th You can find Revocation on Facebook and Twitter for more metallic good times. 

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