Review: Shambles in a Husk “Die, Device, Die”

Review: Shambles in a Husk “Die, Device, Die”

Shambles in Husk are excellent at two things: being pretty noisy and being really fast. That being the case, they deserve credit for playing to their strengths on this debut EP.

Shambles in a Husk "Die, Device, Die" // Cold War Legacy Records 2014
Shambles in a Husk “Die, Device, Die” // Cold War Legacy Records 2014

If you’re a fan of post-hardcore of the mathier persuasion you’ll get a lot out of this release. It’s short, incredibly sharp and doesn’t so much make a point as drive it continuously into your face. There’s nothing even resembling subtlety on these tracks so if you’re after the more cerebral end of technical music you’re probably better looking elsewhere.

If however you’re sold on joining the metaphorical bar brawl that is “Die, Device Die” you’re going to get bang for your buck. There’s no time wasted on here, the longest track clocking in at two and a half mins, no interludes and no brooding introductions. Which is awesome. Intro tracks, interludes and pointless meanderings seem to be the masks so many bands use to make themselves look all edgy and sensitive. Which isn’t to say that I think Shambles in a Husk aren’t sensitive. They are. In the same way that an exposed nerve is sensitive.

As impressive as the frenetic percussion and widdling riffs are it’s hard not to feel like the band aren’t a bit of a one trick pony. It’s a hell of a trick live, which I can attest to having caught the band in da club more than once, but on record it does run the risk of being a bit repetitive. Having said, it hasn’t stopped AC/DC. But then again, even attempted murder doesn’t stop that band.

If you’re after something flashy, aggressive and intense you probably couldn’t do much better than Shambles in a Husk. “Die, Device, Die” is bursting with bellowed vocals, lighting sharp riffs and blistering drum work and delivers all those things with a single-minded focus that borders on maniacal.

Essentially this is more for those interested in running around and punching floors than it does sitting back and stroking their chins. Presumably you probably know what camp you’d prefer to spend your holidays at.


“Die, Device, Die,” is available now physically and digitally via the Cold War Legacy Records bandcamp site.

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