Review: Krokodil “Nachash”

Review: Krokodil “Nachash”

It turns out that two parts Sikth, one part Gallows, one part Radio One Rock Show host and 2 parts lesser known musicians who have also spent time in pretty sweet bands makes for an excellent cocktail. Who knew right? Though Krokodil sound as if they’re as likely to smash that cocktail glass over your head as they are to offer you a new one.

Krokodil "Nachash" //Spinefarm Records 2014
Krokodil “Nachash” //Spinefarm Records 2014

I’ve managed to get this far into the review without mentiong “all da riffz bro” which is more than most of the other reviews of this record I’ve read have managed. Not that I blame them, this band has three guitarists all of whom have a penchant for all things groovey and heavy. This album sounds huge, and that size is largely down to its rock solid foundation built upon a mountain of riffs. But to just say this band has some notable members and a lot of riffs would do them a disservice.

The progressive flair that runs beneath the surface of these arrangements on here mean that Krokodil have created some really interesting compositions and not just a collection of cool riffs. When you share a rhythm section with Sikth a progressive bent isn’t all that surprising, but the considered, brooding and textured approached to song-writing isn’t exactly what you’d associate with the hardcore spit and snarl of Gallows or Hexes either.

Throughout this record vocalist Simon Wright turns in one of the year’s most powerful and dynamic vocal performances and lends the record a sense of intensity that most riff centric bands lack. Krokodil are like all the best bands, very much a sum of their parts. Take any piece away and it wouldn’t work like it does. Not something you can say about…well, most “supergroups”.

Ultimately though….its hard to deny that Krokodil are a bit of a one trick pony. They explore that particular trick from every angle across this release though and they do so with style and class. They’re also true to their press release: this record is all mostly about beards and riffs.

If you’re into those then check this out. It’s more than just a curio. Also their guitarist might play bass in Slipknot, but that has no relevance to this band really so people should talk about that less and these tunes more.


“Nachash” is available now via Spinefarm Records

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