Photos: Atom Tree @ SWG3, Glasgow

Photos: Atom Tree @ SWG3, Glasgow

I spend so much of my time pointing a 50mm at bands who are running about, being noisy and shouting that when I get to shoot a band who don’t really do any of those things it’s a nice change of pace.

Atom Tree play a lovely blend of trip-hop influenced electronica and shoegazey indie. Occasional it brings to mind Massive Attack at their most sparse or Chvrches (which given the similarity of gender line up between those bands probably means this wins laziest comparison of the year award)  if they were really sad and had given up their sugar addiction. Their lush and textured compositions have no problem filling a large room, proving that the power trio is still a cool thing. (Mind when Muse and Biffy Clyro used to actually be trios? It’s been a while.) Or at the very least a good thing. Cool and good aren’t always connected. 

If you’re into soothing meclancholia I’d thoroughly recommend Atom Tree. If you’re into Macbooks, drum kits with no kick drum and straight lines on stage I’d also recommend them. How many more recomendations do you need?

click images for full screen slide show

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