Review: Thin Privilege “Does Not Exist”

Review: Thin Privilege “Does Not Exist”

I like bands who bow out early. Too many bands don’t, and typically a lot of those bands were pretty rubbish. Thin Privilege are bowing out early with this final EP, “Does Not Exist”, and they were never rubbish. And now they never will be.

Thin Privilege "Does Not Exist" // Struggletown Records 2014
Thin Privilege “Does Not Exist” // Struggletown Records 2014

This record is noisy, tense and genuinely menacing. That being said, you could still dance to it. It’s just whether you feel brave enough to do so. I’ve been lucky enough to catch the band live a couple of times, and they’re as dangerous as rock music gets in 2014 and somehow they’re able to capture that edge of the cliff feeling in this final release.

Everything on this EP sounds urgent and intense. There’s not a single moment where you feel as if this band doing anything other than playing together with total abandon. The six-minute opener provides a bit of a false start as the rest of the tracks here swap out the brooding and tense melancholy of “Diminishing Returns” for short and disjointed rhythmic assaults.

This band is a helpful reminder that bass isn’t just to support the ego of the guitar player or for the first pumping of the boys in da club. The variety of wailing, belching and thundering sounds created by the twin bass guitars that lead this band is pretty incredible. Some incredibly powerful and technical percussive work drives each of these songs to their exhausting, and totally satisfying, conclusions. The desperate intensity of the vocals almost gives the impression that someone is dancing their way through their own mental break down. Which frankly seems as good a way as any to deal with such an event.

If you’re after rock music that is actually exciting and lacks guitars, then this is what you’re after. Not the shallow Muse impersonations of Royal Blood. There’s more ideas, depth and good songs on this EP than that band’s entire major label produced album.

Thin Privilege are dead. Long live Thin Privilege.


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