Why you should listen to: Shudder

Why you should listen to: Shudder

You should listen to Shudder because they’re badass. Though presumably I’m expected to expand on this a bit more because this is the internet and you can’t just like something without beating everyone over the head with it first. Otherwise it doesn’t count.

Shudder are a power duo composed of drums, guitars and vocals. Which obviously means they aren’t as sexy as Royal Blood but given that they use these instruments to create some seriously dark and compelling music they’re a damn sight more exciting than that band.

This band combines mournful guitars and plaintive vocals with some of most sickeningly good  drumming I’ve heard on a record for a long time. The ebb and flow between their brooding bleakness and frenetic menace is unsettling but utterly brilliant.

It sounds like the dynamics of drone, the ferocity of punk and the intensity of metal forced into a small container that it’s desperate to break free from.

That and not only are the compositions good but they’re really, really noisy which is awesome.

The recent split EP by Shudder and Sectioned was one of the most punishing and stunning releases of 2014. If you like loud, aggressive music that sounds like it wants to spit in your face for a variety of slights you’ve committed against it then you owe it to yourself to pick it up.

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