Photos: Amon Amarth @ The Classic Grand, Glasgow

Photos: Amon Amarth @ The Classic Grand, Glasgow

I took a break from shooting tattooed dudes with rolled up sleeves to go and shoot some dudes with pot bellies and long hair. Am I metlolz yet?

Truth be told, part of motivation for asking to get to shoot Amon Amarth was that I heard they had Viking Ships on stage and the like which sounded badass. As it turns out they didn’t. But it was still great fun to shoot a show of a band who clearly have throwing shapes down to art, have a genuine warm rapport with their audience and understand the importance of a cool light show.

Which isn’t to say the band themselves weren’t great. There’s a reason that venues like Classic Grand are intimate for a band like Amon Amarth. You can’t keep professionalism, or song-writing like this down. Even for a casual fan, they’re a formidable live prospect who strip away all the pretension and po-faced nature and replace it with such a sense of joy that it’s hard not to leave totally converted.

That and The Classic Grand is always a total joy to shoot in. Even if this was easily the worst smelling gig I’ve ever been to.

 \\click images for full screen slideshow//

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