That there new Bad Luck single is well good

That there new Bad Luck single is well good

I’m a fully fledged convert to the cult of Bad Luck. But an incredibly recent one. For reasons I can’t pin point now they totally passed me by. But that just goes to show that I’m not as on the ball with finding all the underground bands that my friends say that I am (admittedly they might condense that thought down to “you’re a hipster” but still…).

This new single released on Valentines day (I’m sure there’s a good single valentines day joke to be made here but I can’t think what it is) is sweet. The two tracks veer between the upbeat and the introspective while maintaining a strong sense of identity. That’s a strong initial impression, and a promising one, for any band to leave.

bad luck (1)

“Ghost” is a more immediate track than the broodier “Blind”, leading off as it does on a stomping riff and up tempo rhythm, and features a pretty stunning vocal from Kim Miller which is features a whole lot more depth and character than the typical female rock vocal that the likes of Kerrang! condition you to expect. Which isn’t to say that I don’t think there aren’t cool bands out there Kerrang!, they just aren’t in your magazine. They’re playing the same venues as Bad Luck. Because they are Bad Luck.

The track is also surprisingly heavy. The more aggressive nature of the track can hide it’s muscular torso beneath it’s pop t-shirt and its superb indie “oooo”s inflections all it wants but there’s no denying there’s potential to inspire some pretty serious crowd movement. Maybe in the form of crowd surfing. Which I believe Bad Luck encourage. As do I. Unless you’re sue happy. In which case I totally don’t.

Bad Luck // photograph by Calum McMillan
Bad Luck // photograph by Calum McMillan


“Blind” is probably my preferred track after repeated listens. It’s a lot darker and more melancholy and features a chorus that is strained in all the best ways as well as some tasty angsty guitar lines. It’s a track built a bit more on the ebb and flow of its quieter and louder moments than the hooks of its predecessor but it’s still as catchy as some really tired cliché about something that’s catchy and/or infectious.  Like your mum.

I’m kidding. Your mum is lovely.

As is this double A -side single. You should buy it if you like good songs with big melodies. It won’t power your remote control though. Unless it runs on good vibes. (Battery puns are cool right?)

Fans of blast beats and corpse paint need not apply, but are still invited.

I took some photos of Bad Luck playing acoustic at Struggletown Records showcase the other week. Some of them are in this blog and the rest of them are all the way over here in this other blog.

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