The Colour Pink Is Gay spit in the smiling faces of Bloc

The Colour Pink Is Gay spit in the smiling faces of Bloc

A lot of technical music has a habit of falling the wrong side of exciting. Impressive and thrilling aren’t interchangeable adjectives. I’m sure there are plenty of musos who find incredible levels of instrumental dexterity mouth-watering and borderline erotic. But I can’t say I’m part of that particular members only club. (They continually reject my application of the grounds that I’m a terrible musician.) Somehow though, The Colour Pink is Gay manage to take both those aforementioned adjectives and shove them down your throat before they spit in your eye.

It’s well good man.

The Colour Pink Is Gay // photograph by Calum McMillan
The Colour Pink Is Gay // photograph by Calum McMillan

I haven’t been lucky enough to catch this band for ages. Being rubbish, working, ginger or any combination of those three means I haven’t seen the band since they released the stunning “The Life and Trials of Ruddy Eugene” at King Tuts some time ago. Though the band elected to ignore that 20 min, single song release at Bloc they hurtled head long through an intense aggressively set that veered from crushing, monolithic grooves to disgustingly fast and ferocious blasts. It was brilliant.

And that was being a guitarist down. How many bands with a sound this complicated still sound this good without a key member? I can’t think of any. If you do, then send your answers on a postcard to PO Box Stopruiningmyhyperbolewithyourfacts.

The Colour Pink Is Gay // photograph by Calum McMillan
The Colour Pink Is Gay // photograph by Calum McMillan

In the same way that you have to be really clever to write material as silly as Monty Python, you have to be pretty sophisticated musicians to write music as brutal and disconcerting as this. You’ve heard Emmure right? Everything terrible at that band; they can’t really play, the Neanderthalic lyrics, the total lack of dynamics or interesting ideas is the total opposite of The Colour Pink is Gay. Emmure could be called heavy but you couldn’t really call them visceral, edgy or devastating could you?  Unless you me devastatingly dull. You might have me there.

Though both bands are pretty good at the spread legged pose thing. Whether that’s criticism of one or praise of the other is entirely up to yourself.

Also, they had some sweet jazzy sections. That must mean they’re sophisticated. Jazz is for clever people right? Right?

The Colour Pink Is Gay // photograph by Calum McMillan
The Colour Pink Is Gay // photograph by Calum McMillan

The new material the band show cased on the night was a brief but tantalising glimpse into what the future of this genuinely exciting band holds. The relentless and bug-eyed brutality remains present and correct but seems tempered by some more expansive ideas that serve to highlight just how catastrophically intense and dense the heavier moments really are. With the group being a man down its difficult to really judge exactly how these new tracks will sound, but I’d be amazed if the end result isn’t as tremendous as their live show.

Which, for a band who play music so technically demanding, is remarkably confrontational and energetic.  The Colour Pink Is Gay use their whole bodies to accentuate every muscular groove throughout their chaotically orchestrated. It made the good-natured bantering, and midget porn anecdotes, seem like a contrast even more violent that the music itself.

If ever there was a band best suited to prove that extreme music isn’t the home of anti-social musos and those who’re found of violent and simplistic statements, musical or otherwise, then this is that band. The sooner they bring a new record out the better.

Also, I absolutely owe their singer a pint as I think fannying about with my camera somehow managed to knock his over. Sorry bro. Hold me to that one day.

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