Sleepmakeswaves: Australia’s Best Kept Secret

Sleepmakeswaves: Australia’s Best Kept Secret

Where on earth did Sleepmakeswaves come from?

The answer is Australia, and it’s been incredibly selfish of them to keep them to themselves for so long because their set at The Cathouse last night was absolutely stunning.

sleepmakeswaves // photograph by Calum McMillan
sleepmakeswaves // photograph by Calum McMillan

Normally, instrumental post-rock is a phrase that turns me off more than the idea of Bruce Forsyth dressed in fascist regalia with his arm around the waist a woman who feels distinctly uncomfortable at his lecherous touch. Sleepmakeswaves on the other hand, they turned me on let.

The appeal of the band lies in the fact they play music that sounds like post-rock but they look like a hardcore band when they play that music. A hardcore band that is much better than most other hardcore bands because they understand the importance of subtlety.

A note to the young ones who like the hardcore these days: subtlety is not removing the misogynistic slogans from your shirts and leaving them in your lyrics. That still makes you a knuckle dragging idiot.

sleepmakeswaves // photograph by Calum McMillan
sleepmakeswaves // photograph by Calum McMillan

Possibly the best about sleepsmakeswaves is that their dynamics sound organic and less like the forced genre constraints of their post-rock peers. Also, they sound legitimately heavy. None of this tinny, scratchy distorted nonsense hear. When this band go noisy they bring the groove and the weight in a way that shudders the room.

It kind of reminds you what heavy really means. And it isn’t low tunings and additional strings. It’s about creating music that moves you, from their intricate and delicate musings to those sweeping and crushing crescendos.

Put it this way, this band made more of a statement when they ended on a whisper than any amount of post-show feedback and glum posturing ever has.

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