Records You Should Listen To: Vasa “Clamps”

Records You Should Listen To: Vasa “Clamps”

Vasa up the game when it comes to the instrumental music. They somehow manage to take the introspective dynamics that make post-rock so appealing on paper and inject with a sense of adventure and spontaneity that forces you to pay much less attention to your shoes.

Vasa "Clamps" // Self-release 2015
Vasa “Clamps” // Self-release 2015

“Clamps” is the first real look into the band’s upcoming and its a fantastically textured track full of intricate melodies, wailing delayed lead lines and tight rhythms. During the heavier moments that track sounds like an avalanche. But a good natured one.

If you’ve been lead to believe that instrumental music is self-indulgent and boring wank than Vasa are the band to change your mind. This is exciting and contemporary experimental music. There’s a hint of the histrionics of Muse circa “Absolution” in the lush production on occasion, but this is a sign of sophistication over pomposity. Like that band at their best, Vasa are able to make lengthy tracks fly by in the best possible way.

Also, there’s a sweet blast beat in b-side “Not Now, But Soon”. Top work.

You should totally go and buy it. It’s like a £1. Literally.

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