Records You Should Listen To: No Consequence “Vimina”

Records You Should Listen To: No Consequence “Vimina”

No Consequnce "Vimana" / Basick Records 2015
No Consequnce “Vimana” / Basick Records 2015

No Consequence have a habit of upping the game from one album to the next. I’ve no time for their first record, it was a bit convoluted and bursting with too many ideas. Not all of them good. Their second album, “I/O” was much better. They shed a vocalist, developed their ideas a bit and fine tuned their compositions a lot.

This is better again, though the band are still a tad guilty of producing compositions over “songs”. Whether you wish to hold that particular vice against them depends on whether you’re into riffs or choruses I guess.

“Vimana”, whatever that means, sounds quintessentially modern. There’s plenty of chugging riffs, plenty of ethereal leads, soaring melodies and tough guy roars on here all wrapped up in a super shiny production. All modern heavy music boxes have been successfully ticked and with some considerable gusto. The headmaster of the school of rock is surely very pleased with their performance.

What really helps No Consequence sound so much better this time around is that they do sound significantly less metal than before. The song-writing on this release is full of the kind of elements that more typically define the more left field likes of Deftones or Misery Signals. It wouldn’t be quite accurate to describe this album as more progressive, its more a refinement of ideas than a presentation of original ones, but it’s certainly a pleasing step side ways, if not forwards.

If the likes of Architects are a bit too mainstream and predictable for you then the more expansive and indulgent approach of this band will absolutely please you. The performances on this record are consistently impressive and some of the melodic flourishes are incredibly tasteful. Some of those breakdowns though…they feel a bit contrived. We get that you like it heavy lads, but sometimes those moments feel less cataclysmic and more staged. Especially with this new-found fascination with lovely lush melodic textures you have.

And “bleghs” sound rubbish on everyone’s records. Everyone’s. As do spoken word samples. Yawn.

“Vimana” is easily this band’s strongest record. If you’re into technically inclined heavy music with intricate melodies then this is definitely a record you should listen to.

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