Records You Should Hear: Vasa “Colours”

Records You Should Hear: Vasa “Colours”

Cliches that should be in this review but I’m too lazy to write up: a) post-rock that’s not boring b) instrumental music that isn’t boring c) break downs and heavy bits that aren’t boring.

You get the idea. “Colours” isn’t boring, and given how saturated the internet has left modern music can you really ask for more? You absolutely should, and Vasa will certainly deliver. And in a much more timely fashion than most other post-rock bands.

Vasa "Colours" // Black Sheep Records 2015
Vasa “Colours” // Black Sheep Records 2015

Though they aren’t really a post-rock band are they? Sure they spent a significant time looking at their shoes, but they buy nice shoes so why wouldn’t they? But, a penchant for the occasional quiet-dynamic song structure and visually arresting footwear does not a post-rock band make. “Colours” is a remarkably vibrant record bristling with a rich sense of melody and a command of dynamics.

“Fat Ronaldo” for example contains the most upbeat beatdown I’ve ever heard on a good record ( there’s plenty of them on really bad albums) combined with a quirky sense of melody. It’s not a million miles away from the eclecticism of Biffy Clyro when they were genuinely interesting. Though Vasa have obviously chosen to keep their Scottish accents drowned out beneath their instruments. On the other hand they do have a ginger bass player and a beardy lead song-writer so maybe all that has yet to come….

Flippant comparisons to other Scottish bands do Vasa as much of a disservice as the lazy post-rock and math rock tags do. This album is a wonderful collection of influences from all over the place condensed through some hooky song-writing and it’s great. Tagging them suggests they can only appeal to one demographic, but I could easily see “The Angry Dome” on Radio 1’s Rock Show as much as I could on the stages of ArcTanGent.

If you’re looking for interesting and challenging rock music that is still as catchy as an STD on succiehall street on a Saturday night you should be listening to this album right now. It speaks volumes that one of the bands earliest compositions, the delicate and driving “Cynthia”, still made it onto the album alongside their newer material. This is modern rock music at it’s best.

And even better? There’s not a sinfully boring stylish haircut insight.

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