Finding new bands rules. That’s part of my motivation behind this blog, to share the new bands I discover with other people. Not because my opinion matters more when it comes to bands, because lets face facts, I’m nothing an idiot, even if it is a well intentioned one. But because I think discovering new music is the most wonderful thing, and I miss the days when you discovered a band through the radio, sampler CDs and word of mouth. It doesn’t seem to be the same anymore. For better and for worse.

Veto are a band I think everyone should discover one way or another. Pop punk with all the pop and more punk that average. It’s well good. Also they’ve excellent taste in shirts. See below for more.

“You need to see them live bro!”.

That’s often the battle cry we use to convince others, or to defend, or favourite bands. Sometimes records don’t do you justice but a stage, an arena, a floor…well, they’re the home of great music. Which isn’t always true. In fact, most of the time it isn’t. The stage is a cruel mistress who insists on honesty, which doesn’t do a lot of bands any favours. It did do so bad for Brutai though.

Usually when people write about great gigs they mean gigs that were packed to the rafters with a crowd that are as ravenous as the band throwing themselves about on the stage. The reality is that for most underground artists gigs aren’t like that. You’re playing to the other bands, the promoter, the bar staff and if you’re really lucky your other half who isn’t sick of your music yet.