Boring introduction…blah, blah,blahblah, yawn etc. I take photos at shows, then I edit them, then I look at them later, edit some again and wax lyrical to the internet why I changed my mind. I guarantee its less exciting than it sounds. If you can believe that.

The 1975 are bloody great. It’s expansive and ambitious pop music with a wonderful slice of self-indulgence and instrumental experimentation. I’m over the moon a band with this take on pop music can be so big. Pop music should be popular because it’s great. Not because it sounds a certain way. So hat’s off to The 1975 for going this far. Even if their taste in tasseled leather jackets leaves something to be desired…

Doing another one of those self-indulgent things where I re-edit my own RAW files after a while of living with them to see if I like them more, or less, or the same as the last time. If you get all giddy about moving about sliders in Lightroom I guess it’s fun. If you don’t…I can’t really imagine you care. So that makes two of us.

Anyway, I’ve committed to this farce so I’m going to carry on. City and Colour are a wonderful band, they make music that sounds like heartache feels, and Dallas Green continues to make me feel that my predilection for dressing like an old man in my mid twenties isn’t entirely lame…though I don’t have the advantage of that voice, being handsome or Canadian. Regardless, they’re a band I listen to a lot and hold in pretty high regard: the perfect soundtrack to melancholia or euphoria. Sometimes both in the same evening.

I do my best not to ever second guess my photography. Shoot in the moment, edit as soon after as you can while you still remember how you felt at the show, put it out and let it be. Because for me, it is all about capturing those moments. It’s not a canvas to be gone over and over and over until you find that finishing master stroke.

But that being said, anyone’s approach to their art is evolving so I became curious as to what I’d do if I went back and looked at old photos and edited them again a while after the fact. So…I did.

First off I went back to look at a few choice shots from the excellent Fatherson playing a sold-out show in the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh in…I don’t know..sometime earlier this year I think? I can’t remember. Who cares? It was well good anyway and that’s all that matters.