I’m forever writing nonsense like “music and art should challenge you” like some sort of desperately earnest teenager. And I do believe it should, but I wasn’t prepared for just how challenging “For The Consideration of Amateur Jockeys” would be.

Civil Elegies music is….probably best described as a reaction. Nothing here feels composed or structured. It feels like a the rawest of nerves being slammed repeatedly against each other with only the briefest rest bites which are positively pregnant with menace. You know when people describe Seal as easy listening? This is the opposite of that.

Cliches that should be in this review but I’m too lazy to write up: a) post-rock that’s not boring b) instrumental music that isn’t boring c) break downs and heavy bits that aren’t boring.

You get the idea. “Colours” isn’t boring, and given how saturated the internet has left modern music can you really ask for more? You absolutely should, and Vasa will certainly deliver. And in a much more timely fashion than most other post-rock bands.

Rolo Tomassi "Grievances" // Holy Roar Records 2015
Rolo Tomassi “Grievances” // Holy Roar Records 2015

Plenty of people would still consider Rolo Tomassi a “new band”. But they’ve been at it for over a decade. That’s longer than most of us have had anything resembling a discerning music taste not based on hype and our friends thoughts. That it’s a decade of both cohesive and impressive work speaks volumes about the band.

No Consequnce "Vimana" / Basick Records 2015
No Consequnce “Vimana” / Basick Records 2015

No Consequence have a habit of upping the game from one album to the next. I’ve no time for their first record, it was a bit convoluted and bursting with too many ideas. Not all of them good. Their second album, “I/O” was much better. They shed a vocalist, developed their ideas a bit and fine tuned their compositions a lot.

Vasa up the game when it comes to the instrumental music. They somehow manage to take the introspective dynamics that make post-rock so appealing on paper and inject with a sense of adventure and spontaneity that forces you to pay much less attention to your shoes.

Vasa "Clamps" // Self-release 2015
Vasa “Clamps” // Self-release 2015

“Clamps” is the first real look into the band’s upcoming and its a fantastically textured track full of intricate melodies, wailing delayed lead lines and tight rhythms. During the heavier moments that track sounds like an avalanche. But a good natured one.