Europe does it right. In Europe bands like Shining (not to be confused with the really rubbish Swedish band of the same name) play massive stages at festivals and are able to do some really unique things and expose it to a large, and receptive, audience.

In Scotland, they’re playing a tiny venue that isn’t even full because they don’t have the right hair cuts and don’t write songs about pizza.But that’s cool as well. You gain more internet points for going to incredible shows that everyone isn’t at.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this set. Rolo Tomassi are amazing, this gig was amazing, getting to photograph it was amazing.

It was hard to shoot, the privileged safety of a photo pit wasn’t an option and the crowd were exactly the way you’re always told the best rock crowds should be. I’ll happily take the bruises and aches to be at shows like this.

DIY is cool. I’ll always be cool. Not cool like hair cuts are cool, DIY ethics are resistant to trends, but malleable to the changing times. If you do DIY right it can be a hugely rewarding thing, and potentially even be successful, while sticking it to the man.

Which was well all know is the ultimate victory of rock ‘n’ roll. Or was. It’s currently vying for pole position with a real sweet haircut.

There’ a school of thought that it’s not about how well you can play, it’s about what you play. I’m pretty much on board with that. ┬áSong-writing over virtuosity FTW.

That being said…if you can really, really play it’s pretty sick. Combine that with interesting song-writing and you’re laughing. Colours To Shame are laughing all the way to the bank vault where they presumably safely store and insure all those sweet riffs of theirs.

I’ve no idea why I didn’t post this set earlier…probably something lame to do with real life working or being too ginger or something.

Regardless, here’s a set of Eva Plays Dead bringing the “rock” and other minerals to Broadcast a wee while back. I’m forced to confess, I didn’t think much of the band on record from what I heard before the show. It wasn’t bad…but it didn’t have the eclecticism or edge that musical snobbery demands of contemporary UK rock bands. The taste for revitalising the obtuse and disgusting “rock ‘n’ roll” excesses and style of yesterday does nothing for me. Because I’m a grown up. (allegedly.)

A gig should be an event. Every show should be something to write home about. Or tweet about. Whatever it is the kids do these days. I don’t know…

Anyway, a every gig should be something else. That’s pretty a romantic approach to music, but I maintain it. Largely because I’m an idealist idiot. That and because there are bands like Arcane Roots.

Hands up: I’m a musical elitist.

I don’t mean it in a malicious way, I just have pretty specific standards for music. Those being: it has to be well performed, posses some sort of significant form regarding its genre constraints and it has to ignite something emotionally. Whether that’s eviscerating emotional experience or a nice wee dance is irrelevant.