Blah blah something about how I first heard this band and why this show confirms those initial feelings etc. whatever.

Who cares?

Where bands start doesn’t really matter. It’s where they’re going. I’ve no interest in artist’s who lack ambition. Which isn’t to say I expect every band to want to fill stadiums, but I want them to have the ambition to play every show like it really matters. I want them to have the ambition to convince me of their own musical convictions.

I’ve seen shows cancelled for the worst reasons imaginable. Too lazy, mum wouldn’t let them stay out too late, the gear broke you name it and it’s probably happened. A lot of musicians are total flakes. They don’t mean it the way you’re idealistically lead to believe that artists mean it.

Sectioned mean it though. They sound like the mean it. They sound really fucking mean. And when their singer tears the ligaments in his foot two songs in what do they do? They keep playing.

And then go on tour the next day.

Confrontational music is the best. Civil Elegies are about as confrontational as music gets. Ergo, Civil Elegies are a pretty sweet band.

If noise rock that is less self-indulgent and more excessively aggressive sounds like you’re thing then Civil Elegies are exactly what you should be listening to. Their albums are all recorded live, they play with a sense of total desperation and the sense of menace they bring to the stage is actually palpable. Civil Elegies are the soundtrack to a Glasgow kiss. But without any of the intimacy of that particular idiosyncrasy of Scotland’s biggest city.