Photo/video Services


Here’s a brief run down of the kind of stuff I do with a camera and rates if they apply.

I’m not in this for the money, I just genuinely love getting the chance to take photographs at shows, at events, of people…anything at all really. But I’ve spent a lot of my own money and time on gear and gaining experience. I think that justifies a little return. Or at least a hug.

Shooting gigs: I’d love to shoot your gig. If I think your band sound cool and you can sort me with a pass/guest-list then we’re good to go.

I’ll provide you with 10-20 watermarked images after the show for you to use however you please so long as you leave the watermark visible or credit it appropriately. If you want to pay (fee varies on project) then you can get unwatermarked ones as well. I don’t hand those out in return for exposure because when you spell my name wrong or don’t credit me I don’t get ANY exposure.

However, I AM NOT paying you for a ticket to come and work for you. I don’t  typically charge any money to shoot shows so I’m certainly not paying anyone else for my experience, gear and time.

Promo shoots: I love getting to hang out and be creative with folk in an environment with more time than a gig. Rates vary from project to project depending on whether additional stuff needs booked/travel exspenses etc. Get in touch to discuss in more detail.

Use of images for merch/artwork etc. : If I’ve shot your band before and you want to use one of the images for something like a t-shirt or artwork that’s awesome! I’m happy to provide a high res, unwatermarked version for a small one off fee and appropriate crediting.

Since you’re going to attempt to sell my image for monetary gain continuously I think that’s pretty fair.

Video work: Truth be told, I’m still new to this but I love what I’ve learned so far. Details vary project to project so simply get in touch to discuss it more.

You can easily get in touch with me at or @CalumMcMillan2 on Twitter or @GingerSnapsScotland on Instagram.

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