The music business is only insincere if you buy into the idea that business side of it is an after thought to its artistic motivations. If you look at it is a business, just one that by and large has a pretty creative output, it’s as sincere as any kind of business can be.

The fact that sales matter, downloading is stealing, image does count for a lot and that perception is just as important as a great record doesn’t detract from the quality of the best music. It’s just how time has forced us to consume it.

Bad Luck have all the tunes man. This night was my first exposure to them but they were pretty great, even the unexpected acoustic nature of their set didn’t throw them. I see a lot of bands who are super pro and great fun, but they’re clearly also incredibly aware of their brand, product whatever you want to call it as well. Which doesn’t necessarily detract from their music, but its hard not to notice it either.

Bad Luck weren’t like that.

The idea of the acoustic protest singer is out of fashion these days. Unless you’re Frank Turner. But it isn’t entirely clear that you can class playing stadiums with a professional backing band while you drop you’re carefully considered one-liners to a synchronised light show as being an acoustic “protest singer”. Which isn’t to say that Martyn McKenzie is a protest singer, but with “Old Lands” he’s brought together the emotive tugging of introspective acoustic music together with a thought-provoking political message. When was the last time someone like Frank Turner did that? Excepting that time he put the word ‘fuck’ in a song.

I love music that’s really noisy. There are two reasons for this. First: I’m a pretty sensitive person so I like music where the emotion is right up front. ‘Cause I’m deep yo. Second: I’m simple, so loud and noisy stuff where the emotional is almost painfully obvious is much easier for me to digest. If I ever feel like pretending I’m sophisticated and into more considered and introspective emoting then I tend to listen to artists like Nathaniel Noton-Freeman.