So I got to go and photograph one of my favourite bands of all time on Tuesday night. How sick is that? It’s well sick mate. Legit.

It’s a shame that the lights didn’t really kick into full bung until after the three song rule (does anyone know why that’s a thing?) and that I idiotically forgot to set the aperture of my 50mm back to 1.8 from 2.8 (I don’t even know why it was at 2.8 in the first place. ’cause I’m a pro yo.) but other than those two minor niggles it was an amazing thing to be able to photograph a band who, while not being all that big in the grand scheme of things, are a really big deal to me.

Bad Luck have all the tunes man. This night was my first exposure to them but they were pretty great, even the unexpected acoustic nature of their set didn’t throw them. I see a lot of bands who are super pro and great fun, but they’re clearly also incredibly aware of their brand, product whatever you want to call it as well. Which doesn’t necessarily detract from their music, but its hard not to notice it either.

Bad Luck weren’t like that.

Finding new bands rules. That’s part of my motivation behind this blog, to share the new bands I discover with other people. Not because my opinion matters more when it comes to bands, because lets face facts, I’m nothing an idiot, even if it is a well intentioned one. But because I think discovering new music is the most wonderful thing, and I miss the days when you discovered a band through the radio, sampler CDs and word of mouth. It doesn’t seem to be the same anymore. For better and for worse.

Veto are a band I think everyone should discover one way or another. Pop punk with all the pop and more punk that average. It’s well good. Also they’ve excellent taste in shirts. See below for more.

So I’m trying my hardest to fine tune this whole blog thing and make it a bit more interesting and direct. There’s a million and one sites delivering reviews and news so there’s no point trying to compete with them particularly.

So I decided I’d try and bring in the photo thing a bit more because, well there’s slightly less people doing that. So I’m hoping to do more photo based posts, features, ideas the lot. Still bang about records here and there as well, but mainly try and cover interesting arts through something at least vaguely photographic.

So (because apparently starting paragraphs with so is also a new thing) I thought I’d start by sharing some of my favourite photos I’ve taken of vocalists in the last year or so and explain what about the vocalists, or the picture, I find so compelling.