Europe does it right. In Europe bands like Shining (not to be confused with the really rubbish Swedish band of the same name) play massive stages at festivals and are able to do some really unique things and expose it to a large, and receptive, audience.

In Scotland, they’re playing a tiny venue that isn’t even full because they don’t have the right hair cuts and don’t write songs about pizza.But that’s cool as well. You gain more internet points for going to incredible shows that everyone isn’t at.

Rolo Tomassi "Grievances" // Holy Roar Records 2015
Rolo Tomassi “Grievances” // Holy Roar Records 2015

Plenty of people would still consider Rolo Tomassi a “new band”. But they’ve been at it for over a decade. That’s longer than most of us have had anything resembling a discerning music taste not based on hype and our friends thoughts. That it’s a decade of both cohesive and impressive work speaks volumes about the band.

I’ve never shot a band this big. By which I mean I’ve never shot a band with this many people in it. I’ve also rarely shot gigs this good-natured.

Typically the kind of shows I shot are intense, energetic, cathartic, aggressive occasionally violent and all sorts of other powerful words. Which isn’t to say that they aren’t fun, but they don’t bring the sort of warmth that Fat Suit bring to the stage. Collective is an often misused word in these early stages of the 21st century, but Fat Suit do genuinely seem like a collective of like-minded musicians who just love to play without a message or an agenda. Regardless as to what the Telegraph might have you believe.

Also they have their own string quartet. If that isn’t legitimately bad ass than I don’t know what is.