I’m a photographer in so much as I have a camera and people are lucky enough to let me take photos of them and I often get something in return for my work. For my money, that’s the definition of success as a photographer.

That said, 2015 brought me a bit more than I had before: it let me shoot a music festival and tour for the first time ever. I literally got to use a hobby that’s become a ferociously burning passion to travel the country. That’s ludicrous. And so awesome I don’t even have the words.

So here’s a selection of some of my favorite photographs I’ve taken this year a little bit about them, for photo geeks and non-geeks alike.

I’d also like to take this time to thank everyone who’s supported me in anyway, or given me any opportunity, to take photographs in 2015. You’ve been instrumental in what I’m calling “my success.” If you’d like to help me do the same in the coming year I’ll probably buy you a drink or something.

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International Women’s Day is a good thing I think. It’d be nice to have such total gender equality that nobody felt the need to dedicate entire days to co-ordinate celebrations and raise awareness of inspirational people but such a day hardly seems like its on the horizon so…

Also, stay clam meninist bros! International men’s day is Thursday November 19th. That saves you trying to make your redundant point by asking rhetorical questions on Twitter. Knowledge is power. You should go get some.

So I’m trying my hardest to fine tune this whole blog thing and make it a bit more interesting and direct. There’s a million and one sites delivering reviews and news so there’s no point trying to compete with them particularly.

So I decided I’d try and bring in the photo thing a bit more because, well there’s slightly less people doing that. So I’m hoping to do more photo based posts, features, ideas the lot. Still bang about records here and there as well, but mainly try and cover interesting arts through something at least vaguely photographic.

So (because apparently starting paragraphs with so is also a new thing) I thought I’d start by sharing some of my favourite photos I’ve taken of vocalists in the last year or so and explain what about the vocalists, or the picture, I find so compelling.

A series of interviews with musicians talking about their favourite instruments and how those instruments influence their song-writing accompanied by some nice photos. Hopefully an enlightening insight into what inspires players in 2014. Or at least some cool photos.

“Should I talk about my guitar or the iPad ?” isn’t a dilemma that most people come across, but for Gavin Williams of Life On Standby that dangerous line between guitar player and Apple product enthusiast has become increasingly blurred. “I tend to write the main tune for our songs on the iPad these days. I mean, one of our new tunes is based mostly on strings so I have to use the iPad to do that. It’s great to be able to do that at home, it makes me excited to hear what the full thing will sound like the rest of the guys.”