“You need to see them live bro!”.

That’s often the battle cry we use to convince others, or to defend, or favourite bands. Sometimes records don’t do you justice but a stage, an arena, a floor…well, they’re the home of great music. Which isn’t always true. In fact, most of the time it isn’t. The stage is a cruel mistress who insists on honesty, which doesn’t do a lot of bands any favours. It did do so bad for Brutai though.

EPs are a better introduction to your new band than a full length is. This is for the simple reason that the less tracks you have, the less chance you have of exposing your weaknesses. You’re less likely to repeat ideas, you’re less likely to bore¬†your audience, your personal stamp stands out more and, crucially, EPs are shorter than albums. If ‘The Beauty of Destruction’ had been an EP then Devil You Know would still be a pretty exciting prospect for nostalgic Killswitch Fans who grew up on the Jones-era tunes and a potentially sweet gateway band for the new generation trying to find their way to heavier music.