I do my best not to ever second guess my photography. Shoot in the moment, edit as soon after as you can while you still remember how you felt at the show, put it out and let it be. Because for me, it is all about capturing those moments. It’s not a canvas to be gone over and over and over until you find that finishing master stroke.

But that being said, anyone’s approach to their art is evolving so I became curious as to what I’d do if I went back and looked at old photos and edited them again a while after the fact. So…I did.

First off I went back to look at a few choice shots from the excellent Fatherson playing a sold-out show in the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh in…I don’t know..sometime earlier this year I think? I can’t remember. Who cares? It was well good anyway and that’s all that matters.

Pop music is awesome. I was going to write it always has been…but that isn’t true recently. Because pop is now a genre when once it just meant music that was popular. Music that was in some way accessible to a lot of people.

I’d love to say I miss the days when chart music was simply a measurement of what artists sold the most records that week and not of who had the largest team at the major label, but I don’t. I’m told by people with even more grey in their beards than I have that it was the case once upon a time.

I’ve no idea why I didn’t post this set earlier…probably something lame to do with real life working or being too ginger or something.

Regardless, here’s a set of Eva Plays Dead bringing the “rock” and other minerals to Broadcast a wee while back. I’m forced to confess, I didn’t think much of the band on record from what I heard before the show. It wasn’t bad…but it didn’t have the eclecticism or edge that musical snobbery demands of contemporary UK rock bands. The taste for revitalising the obtuse and disgusting “rock ‘n’ roll” excesses and style of yesterday does nothing for me. Because I’m a grown up. (allegedly.)

A gig should be an event. Every show should be something to write home about. Or tweet about. Whatever it is the kids do these days. I don’t know…

Anyway, a every gig should be something else. That’s pretty a romantic approach to music, but I maintain it. Largely because I’m an idealist idiot. That and because there are bands like Arcane Roots.

Here’s the thing. Royal Blood aren’t a revelation. They’re not the first duo to adopt the approach of making a racket in a room together as their musical foundation. Their recent string of triumphant festival appearances and a number debut 1 album suggests that, original or not, it’s an approach that’s working for them. It’s a bit of a shame that it isn’t working consistently.