International Women’s Day is a good thing I think. It’d be nice to have such total gender equality that nobody felt the need to dedicate entire days to co-ordinate celebrations and raise awareness of inspirational people but such a day hardly seems like its on the horizon so…

Also, stay clam meninist bros! International men’s day is Thursday November 19th. That saves you trying to make your redundant point by asking rhetorical questions on Twitter. Knowledge is power. You should go get some.

Finding new bands rules. That’s part of my motivation behind this blog, to share the new bands I discover with other people. Not because my opinion matters more when it comes to bands, because lets face facts, I’m nothing an idiot, even if it is a well intentioned one. But because I think discovering new music is the most wonderful thing, and I miss the days when you discovered a band through the radio, sampler CDs and word of mouth. It doesn’t seem to be the same anymore. For better and for worse.

Veto are a band I think everyone should discover one way or another. Pop punk with all the pop and more punk that average. It’s well good. Also they’ve excellent taste in shirts. See below for more.